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killer diller
Featuring tracks by Livefastdie, Nice Face, Coconut Coolouts, Back C.C.s, Party Cannon, Gaye Blades, Nick Storella, Wizzard Sleeve, Clean Teens, and Forks&Knives&Spoons!!!
Killer Dillers first release! A 7" with 10 tracks from 10 of America's sexiest acts!
500 pressing, all on mixed color vinyl!
oh sees
Oh Sees: Carol Anne 7"
(Slowboy / P.O. Box 170103 Düsseldorf) 

(Slowboy / P.O. Box 170103 Düsseldorf)
This is the vinyl version of the Enon record that came out in 2001 on cd only. This record is limited to 500 copies, has a screenprinted beautifull cover and is pressed on clear vinyl and has an extra 7"! Enon is the brainchild of former Brainiac guitarist John Schemersal. After the premature demise of that group he decided to move to New York City, and recruited Skeleton Key's Rick Lee and Steve Calhoon. And so it came to pass that Enon was born. Like its members' previous groups, Enon displays an appreciation for junk noise and off-kilter song structures that makes every song totally unpredictable - you definitely can't get comfortable with these guys because they're constantly pulling the rug out from under you. Enon is fascinated by the aesthetic possibilities of "damaging" pop melodies with strange noise and sound processing. But unlike E6 bands, whose melodic sensibilities tend to be shaped by the soaring pop of '60s and '70s bands like the Beach Boys, Big Star, and Pink Floyd, Enon takes cues from New Wave and '80s and '90s indie rock and build the noise on that foundation. In this regard, their rock deconstructions bear some similarities to those of the The Flaming Lips.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood PDF Print E-mail
Random Musings
For the past couple years i've had this poster hanging in my cube at work.
click here for full size 
What's amazing about this poster aside from the fact that it's 22x34 are these two images..............
Aspic Tines PDF Print E-mail
Anyone who ever heard my radio show (Hump Day Dance Party), knows how much I love Klaus Nomi. So of course it came as no surprise that when I heard someone in Chicago was channeling the spirit of Nomi into a new band/act, I was exceptionally intrigued. Enter Aspic Tines!  We were lucky enough to have him on our show a while back, and got to see him perform some stellar "Holiday" tunes at our Weird Kids Christmas party at the Darkroom. All the while, the threat of a full length record kept hovering.  Well now the wait is over !!
Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International
(JFR 087)
The super fantastic debut from Aspic Tines-- an alien now living on Earth and enslaving the human race one at a time with his infectious beats. If you like Klaus Nomi then, come on--DO NOT RESIST!
Flip Flop Flim Flam PDF Print E-mail
Random Musings
I never really considered myself a Danielson (Family) fan, but every time a song off of Trying Hartz pops up on my shuffle I'm amazed at how much I really like it. Daniel Smith has such a unique singing voice and the songs are so unbelievably catchy that I can easily look past the fact that they're all about Jesus...except this one...which is apparently about feet.
Flip Flop Flim Flam - Danielson
Galactic Zoo Tape Club PDF Print E-mail
tape club
Galactic Zoo Tape Club.
--6 tapes a year (one every other month) of psychedelic sounds--from acid-punk to dreamy psych-pop--also glam, hard rock, downer folk, bubblegum, experimental, and rares from the PCW archives.
I listened to the first tape on the way to work this morning; lots of great stuff. 
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