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I absolutely love coming back from lunch to see a big pile of goodies waiting in my chair. Today, I received my orders from Floridas Dying , Graveface and Kill Shaman .
Here's some gems from Kill Shaman 
Metal Marty King / Man's Assassination Man
Cassette Tape
A limited cassette release from Megafuckers' Metal Marty King and half of the Mae Shi's Man's Assassination Man. Limited to 50 copies, Metal Marty's ... metal... rips shreds and Man's ... music... will bash in your skull. Really cool contrary musicians play contrary music for contrary people.
Love Tan - Miscellaneous Night Feelings
Next up, I snagged some Sweet Rot 7" from the folks at Floridas Dying
Love Tan
7" (black vinyl)
A.H. Kraken
7" (black vinyl)
limited to 500

And finally the absolutely stunning record I picked up from Graveface
The Long Forgotten Friend (grave028)
2 xLP Colored vinyl
(limited to 150)
The lp version is limited to 675 copies total, 150 of them being colored (blue-gray + random). Colored copies will only be available at graveface.com. Side D is music exclusive to the vinyl.
The vinyl comes packaged in a standard gatefold jacket except when you open it, an amazing illustration by William Schaff pops out at you. Each copy is painstakingly hand-assembled and hand-numbered. It takes about 35 minutes to make one copy (see below). In addition to the radical art, the vinyl version comes with the cd tossed in.
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