Aspic Tines
Anyone who ever heard my radio show (Hump Day Dance Party), knows how much I love Klaus Nomi. So of course it came as no surprise that when I heard someone in Chicago was channeling the spirit of Nomi into a new band/act, I was exceptionally intrigued. Enter Aspic Tines!  We were lucky enough to have him on our show a while back, and got to see him perform some stellar "Holiday" tunes at our Weird Kids Christmas party at the Darkroom. All the while, the threat of a full length record kept hovering.  Well now the wait is over !!
Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International
(JFR 087)
The super fantastic debut from Aspic Tines-- an alien now living on Earth and enslaving the human race one at a time with his infectious beats. If you like Klaus Nomi then, come on--DO NOT RESIST!