Frankie Goes To Hollywood
For the past couple years i've had this poster hanging in my cube at work.
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What's amazing about this poster aside from the fact that it's 22x34 are these two images..............

 Peter Gill Unicorn
Drummer Peter Gill  sports a bad ass unicorn tattoo
 paul rutherford

Vocalist and "dancer" Paul Rutherford has a sweet bird
As if that's not enough, apparently there's a Commodore 64 game based on the band!
From the game's Wiki entry
The game put the player in Liverpool in search for the Pleasuredome. The player has to find and use various objects and play minigames to reach the goal. The player starts the game as a simple character, to reach the Pleasuredome one has to become a full person. To become a full person the four attributes sex, war, love and religion must be filled to 99%. The attributes are boosted by completing tasks in the game. Additional pleasure points can be scored by playing the minigames. The attributes sex, war, love and religion are part of the symbols used on the covers of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's albums.
During the game a murder takes place. All the rooms the player can visit contain clues in order to find the murderer. The clues are in pairs, helping eliminate suspects. For example, you may be told "The killer is an atheist" and "Mr Somebody is a regular church-goer" - so Mr Somebody would be innocent. In theory the game cannot be completed without making the correct accusation (by returning to the room with the body) - there is a large bonus of Pleasure Points for naming the killer. 
Check out how awesome Peter Gill looks here...he doesn't give a fuck!